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The team and the soul that has created from the zero point a catering firm, big and successful enough to attract the local and foreign investors in a 15 years time, after its takeover by a foreign group, dedicates its experience to the service of Yemek Istanbul, the young player of the catering sector.

Today, with the acceleration that this experienced team has provided by implementing a new system that brings big advantages to customers on price, quality and hygiene, Yemek Istanbul maintains its services based on superior ingredient quality, healthy production and absolute customer satisfaction.

Yemek Istanbul aims to prepare with care and taste dishes that reflect joy as well as healthiness, and serve you in a perfect way, with an understanding of hygiene and quality at world standards.


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Yemek Istanbul


You can see our weekly menu types on this page.

Ezogelin Soup

Chicken Topkapı

Water Patty

Kidney Beans Salad

Zucchini Patty

Carrot Salad

Potato Salad with Mayonnaise

Pusley with Yogurt

Shepherd Salad

Fruit Salad

Aubergine Salad

Yogurt / Tzatziki

Ring Sponge Cake

Chocolate Pudding

Roll Cake

Creme Caramel


Ezogelin Soup

Peas with Meat

Rice with Dill

Mixed Stuffed Vegetables

Stuffed Aubergine

Spicy Corn Salad

Salad with Chicken

American Salad

Shepherd Salad

Fruit Salad

Rucola and Tomato Salad

Yogurt / Tzatziki

Sweet Pastries

Charlotte in Cup

Chocolate Cake

Carrot Cake


Florentine Soup

Chicken with Cream Sauce

Spaghetti with Sauce

Gumbo meal

Mixed Saucepan

Russian Salad

Mashed Beans

Aubergine Salad

Shepherd Salad

Fruit Salad

Rice Salad

Yogurt / Tzatziki

Dough with sweet syrup

Milk Pudding with Coconut

Pyramid Cake

Apple Tart


Lentil Soup

Dalyan Meatballs

Milk Patties in Tray

Fresh Beans


Bulgur with Dried Grapes

Shepherd Salad

Fruit Salad

Vegetable Salad

Bean Salad with Eggs

Mashed Vegetables

Yogurt / Tzatziki

Semolina Pastry


Fruit Cake

Baked Rice Pudding


Tomato Soup

Rolling Kebab

Rice with Chickpeas

Spinach with Olive Oil

Poached Eggs

Mixed Pickle

Fruit Salad

Seasons Salad

Cucumber with Dill

Arabian Salad


Yogurt / Tzatziki

Bread Pastry

Milk Pudding with Gum

Cream Cake

Syrupy Friedcake


Choice of 4-5 sorts out of 18

Choice of 4-5 sorts out of 12

Choice of 4-5 sorts out of 8

3 sorts of meal + Salad Bar

4 sorts of meal + Salad Bar

Fixed menu with 4 sorts of meal

Fixed menu with 4 sorts of meal + Yogurt

4 sorts of meal + Yogurt



Nutrients and weight list entered in meals.
All kinds of vegetables and pulses 200 gr.

Chicken(with bones) 250-300 gr.

Chicken (Schnitzel) 100 gr.

Kebab in Bowl 100 gr.

Steak 90-100 gr.

Sautéed Meat 90-100 gr.

Fried Veal 90-100 gr.

Boiled Veal 90-100 gr.

Sprig Kebab 80 gr.

Forest Kebab 80 gr.

Gardener Kebab 80 gr.

Farm Kebab 80 gr.

Aubergine Kebab 80 gr.

Vegetable Kebab 80 gr.

Fried Sausage 90 gr.

Chicken(with bones) 200-250 gr.

Chicken (Schnitzel) 80 gr.

Kebab in Bowl 80 gr.

Steak 70-80 gr.

Sautéed Meat 70-80 gr.

Fried Veal 80-88 gr.

Boiled Veal 70-80 gr.

Sprig Kebab 72 gr.

Forest Kebab 72 gr.

Gardener Kebab 72 gr.

Farm Kebab 72 gr.

Aubergine Kebab 72 gr.

Vegetable Kebab 72 gr.

Fried Sausage 90 gr.

Chicken(with bones) 200 gr.

Chicken (Schnitzel) 200 gr.

Kebab in Bowl 200 gr.

Steak 200 gr.

Sautéed Meat 200 gr.

Fried Veal 200 gr.

Boiled Veal 200 gr.

Sprig Kebab 200 gr.

Forest Kebab 200 gr.

Gardener Kebab 200 gr.

Farm Kebab 200 gr.

Aubergine Kebab 200 gr.

Vegetable Kebab 200 gr.

Fried Sausage 200 gr.

Spinach 180 gr.

Cabbage 200 gr.

Leek 200 gr.

Potato 200 gr.

Fresh Beans 175 gr.

Peas 180 gr.

Cauliflower 200 gr.

Aubergines with meat filling 1 ad. orta boy

Stuffed Pepper 2 ad. orta boy

Aubergine Mousaka 200 gr.

Mixed Fried Vegetables 200 gr.

Aubergine Kebab 200 gr.

Farm Kebab 200 gr.

Gardener Kebab 200 gr.

Sorts of Meatball 80 gr.

Meat and Rice Croquettes 70 gr.

Meatball with Vegetables 70 gr.

Seasoned Meatballs 70 gr.

Eggs with Mince Meat 60 gr.

Stuffed Pepper 40 gr.

Aubergines with Meat Filling 50 gr.

Aubergine Mousaka 40 gr.

Potato Mousaka 40 gr.

Borek 20 gr.

Dried Beans 60 gr.

Chickpeas 60 gr.

Kidney Beans 60 gr.

Green Lentil 60 gr.

Rice 80 gr.

Bulgur 70 gr.

Rice Pudding 100 gr.

Milk Pudding 100 gr.

Creme Chocolate 100 gr.

Milk Pudding with coconut 100 gr.

Chicken Breast 100 gr.

Pudding 100 gr.

Baklava 100 gr.

Nightingale Nest 100 gr.

Yellow Spire 100 gr.

Şöbiyet 100 gr.

Pump Dessert 100 gr.

Sesame Halva 800 gr.

Apple 150 gr.

Pearl 150 gr.

Orange 150 gr.

Peach 150 gr.

Mandarin 150 gr.

Melon 400 gr.

Honey melon 300 gr.

Grapes 150 gr.

Strawberry 150 gr.

Cherry 150 gr.

Apricot 150 gr.

Red fish 200 gr.

Haddock Fillet 110 gr.

Meat and Rice Croquettes 10 gr.

Stuffed Pepper with Meat 20 gr.

Rice Pudding 7 gr.



Roasted Turkey

Fried Turkey

Turkey Kebab with Mushroom

Turkey Cordon Bleu

Turkey Thin Skewer

Sautéed Turkey

Vegetable Sausage

Sausage Pan

Grilled Sausage

Albanian Liver

Sautéed Liver

Baked Milk Pudding

Kemalpaşa Dessert

Cakes with syrup

Fruit Pudding

Chocolate Pudding

Yogurt Dessert

Milk Pudding with Coconut

Milk Pudding

Semolina Halva

Noah`s Pudding

Semolina Pastry

Cheese Dessert

Other Desserts

(Baklava, Şöbiyet, etc.)

Dried Beans with Pastrami

Dried Beans with Lamb

Dried Beans with Sausage

Chickpea with Lamb





Fruit Juice


Lentil Soup

Filtered Lentil Soup

Tomato Soup

Rice Soup

Orzo Soup

Vermicelli Soup

Vegetable Soup

Fork Soup

Carrot Soup

Wedding Soup

Cream Mushroom Soup

Tarhana Soup

Village Soup

Nazlıgül Soup

Dawn Soup

Karagöz Soup

Florentine Soup

Emperor Soup

Chef`s Soup

Tripe Soup

Yogurt Soup

Antep Soup

Anatolian Soup

Pan Meatballs

Meat&Rice Croquettes

Meatballs Hunter Style

Seasoned Meatballs

Dry Meatballs

Izmir Meatballs

Hasanpaşa Meatballs

Gardener Meatballs

Roasted Meatballs

Grilled Meatballs

Mushroom Meatballs

Kasseri Meatballs


Vegetable Meatballs

Sour Meatballs

Tekirdağ Meatballs

Tiny Meatballs

Pot Meatballs

Aktepe Meatballs

Millennium Meatballs

Urfa Meatballs

Fresh Beans with Meat

Peas with Mincemeat

Potatoes with Lamb

Bakes Potatoes

Stuffed Aubergine

Potato Mousaka

Spinach with Mincemeat

Leek with Mincemeat

Cabbage Stew with Lamb

Stuffed Pepper with Meat

Stuffed Zucchini with Meat

Celery with Mincemeat

Okra with Meat

Spinach with Egg

Potato with Meat and Vegetables

Baked Cauliflower

Aubergine Mousaka

Chicken Hunter Style

Roasted Chicken

Sautéed Chicken

Boiled Chicken

Chicken Breast with Puree

Chicken Schnitzel

Chicken Grated

Fried Chicken

Roasted Chicken Wings

Boiled Chicken with Vegetables

Chicken Burger

Chicken Baguette

Chicken Sheet Kebab

Baby Thin Skewer

Emin`s Special

Gardener Kebab

Bowl Kebab

Farm Kebab

Vegetable Kebab

Forest Kebab

Shepherd Kebab

Village Kebab

Steam Kebab

Emin Kebab

Aubergine Kebab

Winter Calypso

Summer Calypso

Sheet Kebab

Veal Steak with Mushroom

Fried Veal

Boiled Veal

Sautéed Meat

Aubergine with Lamb

Chip Kebab

Uzbek Rice

Rice with Almond

Rice Eastern Style

Stuffed Rice

Rice with Noodle

Rice with Vegetable

Rice with Peas

Chechen Rice

Rice with Peanuts

Rice with Grapes

Just Rice

Rice with Bulgur

Rice with Lentil

Asian Rice

Rice with Bulgur and Mushroom

Rice with Carrot

Spaghetti Bolognese

Pasta Graten

Pasta Stofeto

Pasta with Vegetables

Pasta with Sauce

Pasta with Cheese

Baked Pasta

Pasta with Mince

Pasta with Sausage

Pasta Grated

Stew with Orzo

Couscous with Mince

Noodle with Sausage

Kidney Beans Salad

Stuffed Vegetables

Stuffed Cabbage Leaves

Grilled Red Pepper


Beans Salad



Mixed Fried Vegetables


Bulgur Salad

Pan Fish

Boiled Fish

Roasted Fish with Vegetables

Haddock Fillets

Boiled Mackerel

Fried Horse Mackerel

Grilled Trout

Pasta Salad

American Salad

Potato Salad

Aubergine Salad

Shepherd Salad

Green Salad

Carrot Salad

Rice Salad

Spinach Salad with Yogurt

Seasonal Salad

Red Cabbage with Yogurt

Mixed Pickle

Mincemeat Börek

Spinach Börek

Potato Börek

Water Börek

Roll Börek

Mille-feuille Börek


Chinese Börek

Triangle Börek

Börek with Pastrami and Cheese

Yemek İstanbul

Wedding, Cocktail Services and Other Events

The importance we give to our business as catering, has always directed us to careful and rigorous work. The priority we give to health ensures that we always keep our hygiene in the foreground through all the stage of preparation and delivery of our products. Just like the attention given to a meal prepared at home, we show the same sincerity to all the foods we prepare. We produce the delicious food using good quality and fresh products and provide all the conditions to maintain hygien. By working in this direction we are happy and proud to deserve your trust.
With our quality equipment, service oriented strategy, friendly educated and disciplined staff, our goal is to achieve excellence in making your special day unforgettable.
Catering Services Istanbul

Our company provides catering services for such events as WEDDİNG, ENGAGEMENT, WORD AND SUNNAH which will be organized in different places. Treat your guests in the most pleasant way with the delicious menus carefully prepared by master craftsmen.
OPENİNGS, COCKTAİLS, PARTİES AND MEETİNGS ARE OUR BUSİNESS ... Our company offers all kinds of catering services for various activities . Our friendly staff are at your service throughout the day.
Whether it`s a medical meeting or a country wedding Catering Istanbul offers all kinds of unique menus for invitations, parties, openings, and presentations for organizations to share the same purpose and happiness throughout the event ...
YEMEK ISTANBUL Catering is at your service with all the opening events, cocktail menus prepared with meticulousness and professional skills. The basic principle of catering Istanbul is to provide you with the best quality using general arrangement, decoration and dressing alternatives suitable for your taste.
We will be very proud to serve you in all our organizations with our carefully prepared menus that will be offered as a catering. From cocktails to lunch-box menus, from buffet meals to breakfast, we have a wide range of menu choices and recommendations.
On these special occasions that you will share with your loved ones, your spouse and your friends Catering Istanbul will be happy to serve you with special menus, dressing and decoration alternatives. Our main principle is to keep the highest quality of services provided by our specialists team.
We are ready to serve you with different cocktail menus in the promotional activities organized in the framework of your company.
Yemek Istanbul will be happy to be with you at your birthday.
Enjoy your school graduations with Istanbul Catering! Spend this special day with our delicious menu and service quality! In addition, all kinds of general arrangements, dressing and decoration services are provided by our contracted companies in accordance with your request.
Would you like to celebrate this special day among flowers and greenery in a beautiful garden? With Istanbul Catering, our tasty menu will be served to you and your guests and will become a truly unforgettable experience.

In addition to wedding, engagement, circumcision, anniversary, birthday, party, country wedding and other special occasions in Istanbul, we will be able to organize for you catering services at various seminars, introductory meetings, sales meetings, company dinners, special dinners etc. at any time suitable for you.

Yemek İstanbul


Wherever you are located, providing a high quality catering service is one of our organizational goals. On-Site Catering in Istanbul saves your time and money.     All preparations are carried out by our experienced staff led by the project manager.

Yemek İstanbul


The basis of the taste of Istanbul Catering is the "A" quality of ingredients used in the production that is controlled by skilled chefs.    
Menu is prepared by our food engineer taking into consideration calories and nutritional values. The process of production is controlled by our food engineers starting from the raw materials and until the food is finally cooked.

Yemek İstanbul


Eating is one of the fundamental needs of human being. It is an intuitive act, at the same time a need that should be consciously satisfied. Catering is a matter of fact upgrading eating to the level of “nourishment” where satisfaction is not solely enough and healthy food is prepared and served in hygienic environments.

Catering, with its principles of choice of quality nourishment, preparation of healthy food in hygienic environments and a proper presentation, is a big convenience for every subject, every sector, and every life style that has something to do with eating.

Catering is a consistent service not only with the good quality production and perfect serving, but also with the generation of inner and consecutive food chain. Above all with the replacement of a company's or a society's energy that diminishes during the working day, increasing the performance yet saving time.

Catering is the short definition of assuring customer satisfaction with superior quality ingredients, healthy production and perfect presentation by experts of business.

Yemek İstanbul

Hygiene and Health

“Healthy Food in Safe Hands...” The importance of providing hygienic and healthy conditions in food sector is a fact beyond question, like in every sector that is directly related with human health. On the other hand, maintaining the sustainability of these conditions is an other critical point. As Yemek Istanbul we are good at this!

Hygiene and Sanitation
Hygiene and Sanitation itself is a big issue that includes machinery, equipment and personnel, architecture of the kitchen, stocking and processing of food supplies, as well as cleaning and maintenance. DiverseyLever products are used at our entire units and at stages of production during the periodical cleaning and disinfections. In addition to that, DiverseyLever provides us consultancy and auditing services in the areas of hygiene and sanitation in corporation for the training of our personnel.

Our employees start working after a health inspection and a medical report. Moreover, they are subject to periodical porter and other checkups under the supervision of the Ministry of Health. These medical reports and porter inspections are presented to every customer without any order.

Our personnel serve food with specially designed coveralls. In order to produce and serve in hygienic conditions, the whole staff uses safety equipments at relevant stages, like overshoes, masks and single-use gloves.

Yemek İstanbul

Production and Quality

Storage, production, cleaning and hygiene are the issues that we attach importance in the catering sector where we operate. In our company, it is assured that every unit is independent and the production areas are taken under control by means of hygiene lines.
We have minimized human factor by equipping our production facilities with the latest technology which do not let the vitamin and minerals of food diminish.

“We Got Taste from Quality...” Yemek Istanbul has achieved a customer loyalty as a proof of its success at keeping product and service quality at top level since establishment.
Yemek Istanbul holds all relevant quality certificates related to food safety, its entire production and services are in conformity with the standards of ISO 9001 and ISO 22000 (HACCP) Quality Assurance Certificates.
What is more, regarding the changing concept of quality, Yemek Istanbul keeps its production and service stages under permanent control by adopting a “Quality Assurance System” instead of quality control. The quality of our services is assured by estimating all types of potential problems from the entrance of raw food till its service during the operations and by taking the necessary measures. The quality of our production, services and general hygiene environment is regularly controlled by food engineers recruited at our organization by means of “Matrix Technique”. The meal samples are preserved for 72 hours at sterile dishes and are analyzed periodically.
By this way, the entire process from the purchase of raw food to the service of dishes to your plates is kept under control.

Personnel and Training
“Happy People Generate Quality...” Our understanding of business is based upon the value devoted to persons. We are aware of the fact that the value we give to our personnel will be directly reflected in our service. Our philosophy of “Happy People Generate Quality” refers to the person itself as a value, thus quality and efficiency is increased by the value we give to persons and the happiness of our employee. According to the term “Absolute Customer Satisfaction”, we place quality at the top of our targets. This lets us consider our employee as our customer and let our services be uniform and of high quality.

Our company is aware of the fact that success is a result of learning organizations. For this reason all our employees are due to training programs in basic subjects like hygiene, sanitation, cooking and presentation. Such programs are offered either by our staff with an academic formation or by external academicians. In addition to that, the related personnel of our customers who serve the food themselves are provided with maximum information.

Yemek İstanbul

Companies Who Choose Us

At Yemek İstanbul Catering we rely on quality and we are happy to work with 90% of 1000 best companies in Turkey.
Contact us for more information.

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